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Unfiled Returns

The IRS has identified taxpayers who fail to file income tax returns and effectively stop paying income tax as a serious threat to tax administration and the American economy. Our team of professionals can help minimize your penalties and get you back on track in compliance of the law.

IRS Audits

Did you receive an audit letter from the IRS? The first step is not to panic. The IRS uses letters to communicate with taxpayers about IRS audits. As with most IRS communication, there are deadlines associated with IRS audit letters, but our team can help.

Currently Uncollectible

A taxpayer with no ability to pay their outstanding tax liability can be declared Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status by the Internal Revenue Service. The burden of proof is on the taxpayer to qualify for “hardship” cases.

Qualifying for the CNC IRS tax program is not easy. Mistakes can cause a taxpayer to be rejected, or the taxpayer may unwittingly provide information that can hurt his case.

Seizures and Levies

A federal tax lien arises when a tax return is filed and the tax isn’t paid after a demand for payment has been made. By law the lien is in favor of the United States and is upon all property and rights to property of the person with the unpaid tax. If you’ve had a seizure, our team can help.

Offers in Compromise

The IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) agreement program is available to taxpayers who owe the IRS more than they could ever possibly pay.  OIC agreements give the IRS authorization to reduce outstanding tax liabilities, including interest and penalties, for less than the full tax due.

Installment Agreement

If you are unable to pay your back tax in full, there are programs and options you can potentially qualify for to find relief.  One of those options is an Installment Agreement (IA), which is a legally binding contract between you and the IRS that basically will switch the large amount of tax debt that you owe over to smaller, more manageable payments that you make over time.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Pressured with back taxes and tax debt because your spouse (or former spouse) has failed to meet obligations? Having to exist beneath basic living standards paying the full amount of tax liabilities on your own? We can help you negotiate a favorable settlement that can get you out of debt that you aren’t responsible for! Our professional team of tax lawyers, CPAs, and registered federal agents can help you prove the existence of the evidence that will qualify your claim for innocent spouse tax relief,

Business Meeting

Tax Pitbull 

When you have a tax problem, you need to take action, and you can count on us to do it. For issues

big and small, you can get personalized help from

an expert Tax Pro to work with the IRS for you.

Tax Pitbull is the Tax Resolution Service, a division of Latorre & Company. Latorre & Company is a family-owned Accounting & Tax practice founded in Charlotte, NC in 1998. For almost two decades now, we have been successfully resolving our clients' tax and debt emergencies with expertise and professionalism.  

Our team is comprised of experts with nearly 40 years of

combined experience in Finance, Corporate Taxes, Audits, and Public and Private accounting. Our team of professionals are here to help you resolve your tax matters with the IRS.

Call us at : 855-829-3641
Who We Are

Why Tax Pitbull?

A tax relief law firm with extensive knowledge regarding tax laws, policies, and procedures will act as your liaison to negotiate a reduced tax settlement. Our Tax relief attorneys will complete and file all required forms along with the correct supporting documentation. Be assured you will be treated in a professional and confidential manner, unlike the aggressive, intimidating actions of the IRS.


Tax Pitbull provides a number of tax relief services. From tax liens to offer in compromise, we know that every situation is unique. Luckily, you don't need to be an expert to face the IRS. Every member of our team is committed to providing tax relief services to help you navigate any situation.

Regardless of what your circumstances, we can help with all your tax needs!

When tax payers face the government alone (without representation from an IRS tax relief lawyer), the government will usually:

  • Anticipate most taxpayers will submit to intimidation.

  • Take advantage of your inexperience.

  • Press you to agree to a more costly resolution.

  • With the proper representation, you will obtain a poor financial settlement.

You need to have a tax relief lawyer who knows the right ways of fighting, so you can get the resolution that you really need, including:

  • Stop adverse collection actions

  • Secure the best financial agreements

  • Effectively communicate with the IRS

  • Prevent the loss of assets

  • Deal with levies, garnishments, liens and other collection activities

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